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Tanna will go to the poll tomorrow

Tanna will go to the poll tomorrow
Tanna will go to the poll tomorrow
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Serge Vohor led UMP campaign team for Robin Kapapa. Photo: Stevens Natouka

It is tomorrow, Tuesday 25th September, that thousands of electors on Tanna will decide who will take over the seventh seat of their constituency, which was left vacant by the Acting President of Vanuaaku Pati (VP) Joe Natuman.
In the last two weeks, politicians of all parties have campaigned throughout the island to try to convince the electors with hope that their respective candidates will gain many votes for them.
VP with its official candidate Harry Iatika Nakat Namak will see tomorrow at the end of the polls if the victory will be on their side as they aimed to win back this seat left vacant by their Acting President.
Joe Natuman was amongst the VP team who strongly defend this seat against candidates from other political parties. They campaigned with strong confidence that the seat will remain theirs as VP is the biggest political party on Tanna with three parliamentary in the last General Elections. Joe Natuman who once said his political career is not over yet intends to stand again in 2020 General Elections.