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Humanitarian relief: Caledonians lost trust in Vanuatu’s NGOs

Humanitarian relief: Caledonians lost trust in Vanuatu’s NGOs
Humanitarian relief: Caledonians lost trust in Vanuatu’s NGOs
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After Cyclone Pam, many appeals have been made for help and many humanitarian aid supplies have reached Vanuatu.

Reports received from people living in New Caledonia said many people in the French Territory hesitate a lot when it comes to a time to participate in a humanitarian action to help Vanuatu and its people when disasters strike.
The bad handling of goods being sent to Vanuatu from New Caledonia the passage of Cyclone Pam in 2015 resulted in this move not to give any assistance when Vanuatu is in need during a disaster period.
Speaking with Vila Times last week, a man who has good connections with people in Vanuatu as he regularly visits the country said he was one who used to mobilize people in New Caledonia for help “when families here were very affected by natural disasters”.
“We are one as Melanesians. We are good friends for so long and when friends are in need, we have to step forward for help. I for one was part of a group formed in Noumea after Cyclone Pam to help Vanuatu. We fundraised. We received helps in term of goods and money. We bought big quantities of goods and materials we shipped to Vanuatu as we have already established contacts with certain NGOs here. These NGOs have been chosen to be responsible of receiving the goods and their distribution to affected communities. We expected in return a report to let us know where and who have benefited from our humanitarian assistance. Until today, we don’t know how this very precious assistance has been handled and no report has been produced,” said the man who comes regularly to Vanuatu to meet his agent as he is a dried kava buyer for so many years.

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