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Aneityum to have its roads repaired and new one to be built soon

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The National Government will fund the repair of the existing roads and also towards the new ones to be built on Aneityum by January next year.
The last island of the south of Vanuatu is also included in the Government’s plan to improve the infrastructure for better living in all six provinces in the country. Vt3 billion supplementary budget has been approved by the Parliament this year for the Government to facilitate the realization of the roads’ projects.

Vt500 million are to be allocated for Tafea province. Aneityum will also see its roads repaired and new one to be built. 33.2 kilometers are the overall distance of roads which connect the main centers on the island including Port Patrick, Top of hill, Anelghowhat, Umetch and Utche.
Many existing roads on the island of Aneityum are in bad conditions since many years.