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Vila Times announces change of management

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Vila Times announces the resignation of Anton Trukhanov as Editor-in-chief and General manager. Anton Trukhanov has served in these positions since June 2017. The appointment of new Editor-in-chief to be announced.

“Despite the fact that in line with our editorial policy names of the editorial staff were not published in the newspaper, I have gotten to know many people in Vanuatu and overseas during my work in this position, many of our readers also knew who is working on the newspaper,” Mr Trukhanov said.

“I would like to sincerely thank all our readers, advertising partners, and everyone else involved in one way or another for their support, assistance and positive feedback.

“I would also like to state and clarify that I am not working on this newspaper starting from the current issue (#181), and therefore will not be responsible for any subsequent materials, publications and decisions regarding the editorial policy in any way.”

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  • Anton is a horrible horrible man trying to create fake news. Just evil, low quality, low morality person.

    He came to our skincare clinic saw our D and then wrote a horrible google review full of lies- he said our Facebook page was full of fake reviews, that our Dr’s are fake and do not have licenses, that our Dr’s do not speak English and that the clinic is operated solely as a scam to collect a $16 medical examination fee.

    When I looked on his google profile (it is publicly available) he had many other almost identical reviews of skincare clinics.

    I called him and offered a full refund of his $16, but I think he felt guilty and would not come back to the clinic. I asked him about the details in his review- for example, how could he conclude that our Facebook reviews are bad when he, or anyone, could easily check any of our facebook reviews and then see if the reviewer was a real person, and then even message them to confirm they are real reviews… but he woudl not answer. Finally he told me he had set up a new media company ATM Media and that he wanted to do a viral story on scam skincare clinics. so he was creating his own story…