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Taiwan’s airline picks up Palau flights in China’s wake

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Taiwan’s main airline China Airlines is adding two more weekly flights to Palau after a crackdown on Chinese tourism to the Pacific nation.

Palau Pacific Airways said last week it would suspend China flights because of financial losses following Beijing’s ban on tourist operators visiting Palau, RNZI reports.

China Airlines said it had added two more weekly flights to its twice-weekly service from Germany to Palau via Taipei.

AFP reported Taiwan’s foreign ministry saying the move is to help its diplomatic ally attract more overseas visitors.

Palau is one of six Pacific Island countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, a formality which China sees as a threat to its sovereignty.

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  • Best to never trust the Chinese or listen to their promises. Chinese have a hidden plan to take over the Pacific. Wherever the Chinese people go, or wherever they establish businesses in other countries in turns out disastrous. They bring crime, prostitution, gambling, drugs, corruption. Chinese are no good.