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Melanesian Spearhead Group is failing: Ralph Regenvanu

Melanesian Spearhead Group is failing: Ralph Regenvanu
Melanesian Spearhead Group is failing: Ralph Regenvanu
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Vanuatu’s Foreign Minister says he’s lost faith in the Melanesian Spearhead Group because of a lack of consensus and political engagement.

The group had become especially contentious after including Indonesia in 2015, which had clashed with United Liberation Movement for West Papua, which holds observer status, RNZI reports.

In an interview with Australian thinktank the Development Policy Centre, Ralph Regenvanu, said the MSG was disappointing and becoming less relevant.

“That consensus approach to decision making is failing in the MSG. Vanuatu’s been consistently saying that it’s not happy with the way that decisions are made, that they’re not made in the consensus manner, and that’s continuing.”

Mr Regenvanu said if the group returns to its purpose it could become relevant again.


  • Its really falling because the Solomon Islands flag is already upside down which is a very good sign. During the recent Macfest held in honiara, MSG Encourages to have involve Indonesia which that has raise to many complain from the public and the RRSPF (police officers)has forcefully deprive the Melanesian brother and sisters of West Papua by take out their flag from some west papuan activist campain for freedom. What a corward attitute of Melanesian nations who bowdown to the indonesia and talk against the west papuan freedom fighters. Big Shame Solomon Islands goverment. Talk for nothing while actions are on different course. Its over! Fiji and PNG are very strong supporters of Indonesia and now Solomon Islands are after them.

  • MSG please return to your original mandate and walk the talk. We cannot be formulating policies and implementing them incorrectly. Again lets formulate all sector policies that are workable in Melanesia and enough of COPY PASTE from other regions. We are unique in some ways. WE NEED TO RESTRUCTURE OUR MSG AND FOCUS ON OUR OBJECTIVES AND NEEDS TO DEVELOP TOGETHER .