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Israel willing to help the Pacific with knowledge and expertise

Israel willing to help the Pacific with knowledge and expertise
Israel willing to help the Pacific with knowledge and expertise
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The Israeli Government confirms it is willing to assist and support Fiji and other Pacific Island states in achieving and reaching their maximum potential with no cost at all.

With a thriving agriculture sector, leading innovators, highly advanced technology and health system with an economy of $US40,000 GDP per capita, Israel states it wants to share its knowledge with Fiji and the rest of the Pacific, Fiji Times reports.

General director of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassador Yuval Rotem said his country was willing to share its knowledge and expertise.

“We maybe so far away geographically, but we are so close to you emotionally and psychologically. You have potential and if you cannot achieve your potential then we want to come in and do it for you,” he said.

“When you talk about your own island, and your own people’s future, I think there is always a room for you to consider Israel, not only because of your Christian beliefs, but because we can corroborate and we can share our experiences with you and see what way, how we can walk hand in hand to improve the way of life, standard of living, solution and remedy about the problem that your island is facing.”

Rotem added Fiji and the Pacific should not be facing any water problems and that Israel was willing to help.

“Thirty years ago I don’t think Israel could provide solution to water problem as we can provide now. We are a country with a great shortage of water, drought striking us every year.

“Israel produces one third of its water. Ninety per cent of the water we use, we reuse. Spain is second with 17 per cent. “That means year after year of drought but at the end of the day we are now exporting water to other countries like Jordan and to Palestine.

“You are surrounded by the ocean, and we would like to help you, we are willing to help you.”

With more than half the land desert, Israel is a major exporter of fresh produce and a world-leader in agricultural technologies.

Israel exports fruits and vegetable to Asian and European countries.

Its dairy industry is one of the best in the world and the country is also well known for its innovation and technology, providing many solution to global challenges.