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Australian ‘celebrity couple’ leaving Vanuatu to move back home

Australian ‘celebrity couple’ leaving Vanuatu to move back home
Australian ‘celebrity couple’ leaving Vanuatu to move back home
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Putting their problems behind them, Australian former weatherman Stevie Jacobs and his ex-wife Rose are starting a new life back in Australia.

Currently in the midst of packing up their lives on a remote island in Vanuatu, where they have lived since 2016, the pair will be back on home soil by next month and are both looking forward to their future, the New Idea reports.

‘It’s a bittersweet move,’ says a close friend. ‘They all love the Pacific but their current situation is not working out any longer, so they’ve decided that enrolling the kids back in a Sydney school and being closer to work opportunities is best for now.’

Having moved to the tropical paradise to work on their strained relationship, things went from bad to worse for the TV presenters when their seven-year marriage broke down and Rose started dating former Canadian marine Dylan Nash.

Now, just months after they confirmed their split, the couple are determined to ‘start over’, listing their luxury villa for rent on Airbnb, as they prepare to return to their old haunts with happier memories.

‘A lot has happened in such a short time,’ says the friend, ‘and Rose is still very much in love with Dylan, which is hard for Stevie to see.

He has been socialising a lot more and trying to get over it, but it is still painful.’

Close friends revealed the dedicated parents need more than a change of scenery to be able to move on, especially as Stevie and Dylan have unresolved issues.

‘Rose took a AVO out on Stevie in Vanuatu,’ says the friend.

‘There was an altercation at the gym with Dylan and that’s still before the court at the moment, so there are still a lot of things to work out between them all.’

Last month a personal email penned by Rosie Jacobs has come to light revealing the travel reporter’s struggle to detox her life after the couple were welcomed into a “boozy expat community” in Vanuatu.

“Especially among our friends here in Vanuatu, plenty of my fellow mums … let’s face it, most people we know are dependent on alcohol,” says Rosie in the email, according to The Daily Telegraph.