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Many expats in Vanuatu are alcohol dependent: Rosie Jacobs

Many expats in Vanuatu are alcohol dependent: Rosie Jacobs
Many expats in Vanuatu are alcohol dependent: Rosie Jacobs
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According to the report by The Daily Telegraph, a personal email penned by Rosie Jacobs, the recently estranged wife of Australian TV reporter Steve Jacobs, has come to light revealing the travel reporter’s struggle to detox her life after the couple were welcomed into a “boozy expat community” in Vanuatu.

“Especially among our friends here in Vanuatu, plenty of my fellow mums … let’s face it, most people we know are dependent on alcohol,” says Rosie in the email, according to The Daily Telegraph.

“Steve and Rosie, who lived in Coogee before moving overseas, split late last year – though their separation only became public information last month. The pair had moved to Vanuatu in late 2016 for what friends say was a last-ditch attempt to mend their eight-year marriage, but it was too late.”

“In January, months after the pair separated, Rosie applied for a ‘restraining ex parte temporary domestic protection order’ at Port Vila Magistrates Court. It was granted immediately but no longer remains in place. New details of the relationship between the Today Show weatherman and wife Rosie have continued to emerge since the couple’s split became public.”


  • Methinks you protest to much Rosie. don’t tar everyone with your own brush, otherwise a few home truths might come back to bite you on your derrière. As an expat who lived in Vanuatu for 11 years. I have nothing bad to say re any of my Vanuatu friends. You don’t have to drink if you don’t want too. I am guessing that this little outburst re people who welcomed you into their home and lives in Vanuatu, may see you in a new light now.

    • Have to agree with you Val. To decry the very people who welcomed you into their lives and shared the community spirit (no pun intended) that exists in not only Vila, but throughout the country, is a low act for a cheap shot “five minutes of fame”. I go back annually to Vila and am welcomed back by all as if I hadn’t left – a welcome that doesn’t rely on alcohol but the true friendship that exists there.

  • As expats living in Vanuatu for over 14 years, I do think Ms Jacobs is maybe confusing friendly socialising with her own situation which, not knowing the lady but only reading the article, seems she does not have happy memories of her time in ‘the friendly islands’

  • I have lived in Vanuatu for nearly 10 years. Alcohol dependency can happen to anyone, anywhere. If you have a problem and clearly the person who wrote this article does, you should seek help not blame living in a country for issues you have with alcohol. Also airing your dirty laundry in public is not appropriate. Let’s leave this family to resolve their issues with the professional care they need. Let’s also hope that one of them stops posting things publicly and bring more attention to their family situation which is no ones business but their own.

    • Hi there, not replying directly to this comment but rather hoping I can pick your brain on living in Vanuatu. We were recently there in holiday from Darwin, Australia and have fallen in love with the place. Do you have any expats or others I could contact to help me with some more information regarding schools and rental accomodation? Thanks for your time