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Qatar academy to take part in football development of the Pacific

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A new partnership is on the cards between the Oceania Football Confederation and Qatar-based Aspire Academy which will focus on elite performance and youth development.

OFC President David Chung is delighted the two organisations will be able to link together to further the development of football in Oceania, OFC reports.

An OFC Performance Licence is in development which Chung said will create coaches who can enhance the physical and mental aspects of football players competing at international level.

“Aspire benefits from having staff who have vast knowledge of sports science and high performance.

“At OFC we are delighted Aspire is willing to share their expertise and enhance the knowledge and understanding of this area of football development and how it can benefit players, coaches and teams throughout Oceania.”

The OFC Performance Licence will provide insights into football specific planning, training, testing and monitoring of best practices across a range of sport science focus areas including strength and conditioning and biomechanics.

Furthermore, with OFC fortunate to have two national teams competing in the men’s U-17 and U-20 World Cups, the partnership offers the opportunity for those teams to conduct their preparations at Aspire Academy.

“Teams will be exposed to cutting edge facilities, a professional environment and the kind of conditions that will hopefully assist them in achieving even greater things on the world stage.”

The partnership will also offer elite youth players the chance to attend Aspire Academy on scholarships.

“With the OFC Education Centres opening across Oceania and the opportunities for OFC Instructors to improve their knowledge through this partnership, we are excited about what the future holds for our players and coaches,” Chung said.

Aspire Academy Director General Ivan Bravo highlighted that partnerships like that with the OFC are positioning Qatar at the forefront of football development around the world and he is confident both parties will benefit greatly.

“OFC President Mr. Chung has an ambitious vision for football development in the Confederation and that requires the growth and expansion of coaching knowledge and delivery on the performance side,” Bravo stated.

“OFC will be the first of the FIFA Confederations to offer such a license which can become a very important development tool for the Member Associations in Oceania.

“We are honoured to contribute our people, methodologies, programmes and facilities to assist with our utmost commitment towards the realisation of his vision.”