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Innovative tourism project started in Vanuatu

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An innovative tourism project has been started in Vanuatu, aiming to attract more international tourists and effectively promote Vanuatu as a niche tourism destination.

According to the official press release, a number of tours with unique and innovative concepts under the independent Thirst Pacific brand, will promote Vanuatu as a tourism destination for younger international audience.

“Main idea behind the Acting and Creativity Tour in Vanuatu is to combine the aesthetics of tropical island with an interesting, useful and memorable program. Traditional island vacation, lying on the beach or sitting in front of the pool all day long is just boring. And not worth the money spent. That’s why we decided to host this tour in Vanuatu, to give you a really unique offer, something you won’t be able to get anywhere else. The program of the tour is based on a mix of the best exercises and techniques from serious acting courses,” the announcement on the tour Facebook page ( says.

“Most Pacific island countries have beautiful nature and exotic culture, but unfortunately they don’t have anything really special and unique to offer modern day tourists, especially young ones, looking for truly unique and new experiences. It’s not about the hotel, or food, or a boring group tour around local landmarks. It’s about meeting new and interesting people, having exciting and truly memorable experience, learning something new and just having a lot of fun.”