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Virgin Australia flight to Fiji forced to land in Port Vila

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A Virgin Australia flight from Brisbane was forced to turn around and head for safer conditions at Port Vila, Vanuatu, after heavy rain over the Nadi International Airport made landing difficult for the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, Fiji Times reports.

The passengers posted their concerns on social media upon arrival at Port Vila where they were accommodated at the Holiday Inn for one night before continuing their flight to Fiji.

Upon their arrival into Nadi under better weather yesterday, the passengers said they were happy to finally reach their destination.

Adelaide native Mark Reed said the aircraft circled around Nadi on Monday trying to find a safe passage through extremely cloudy conditions.

“We left Brisbane at 11am and were due here by mid-afternoon,” he said.

“We arrived in Nadi and nearly landed but we had to take off again at the last minute because of the weather.

“I noticed that we had circled around Nadi for a while before we had to be diverted to Port Vila where we spent the night.”

He said the flight crew members made the right decision to turn back.

“The weather wasn’t bad where we were circling for a couple of minutes but we knew that it was pretty bad over Nadi.

“The crew was very good to us and the passengers and they made sure that everyone was calm before our arrival in Vanuatu.”

The passengers arrived at 11am on Tuesday.

Airports Fiji Ltd confirmed the flight had to divert to Vanuatu.