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Vanuatu to recruit nurses from Solomon Islands

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Vanuatu is again seeking to recruit nurses from Solomon Islands to work in hospitals and health centres.

Two officials from the Vanuatu government were reportedly in Honiara to pursue their recruitment drive, Solomon Star reports.

Up to 100 local nurses were reportedly interviewed by the two ni-Vanuatu consultants.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health of Solomon Islands Dr Tenneth Dalipanda confirmed he met the two officials, but said he was not aware of how many nurses they wanted to recruit.

Dr Dalipanda said the two officials were the chairman and human resource manager of the Vanuatu Public Service Commission.

He said individual nurses have the rights to apply and take up overseas jobs but there needs to be some understanding so that their departure does not leave a gap in the local workforce.

“We have advised them (Vanuatu) to tell us how many they require and what positions they require so that we prepare and plan to fill the gap,” Dr Dalipanda said.

He said a similar arrangement was also done in 2012, when 20 nurses were recruited and have returned in 2014 after completing their three-year contracts.