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Potential job cuts in New Caledonian nickel company

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A New Caledonian union is concerned at the potential for 70 job losses at the Vale nickel company.

The SOENC union said plans to alter the Vale operation were presented at the end of last year, reportedly outlining planned cuts to about 1300 people employed in a range of support roles.

According to the Nouvelles Caledoniennes newspaper, Vale has declined to comment about the restructure, RNZI reports.

The union said in the face of the crisis in the nickel sector, there had been no pay rises to help sustain the operation.

Vale has been tight-lipped about its plans but has said it won’t invest any more into its New Caledonia plant, which has over the years been hit by a number of setbacks.

Last year, there were fears the plant in Goro would be mothballed but since then there has been speculation that Chinese interests might buy into the business to salvage the plant.