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Western Union employees in American Samoa stole thousands of USD

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Two former Western Union employees in American Samoa have been charged with stealing thousands of dollars from two Asian customers.

The charging documents also revealed a trend of large sums of money being sent off island, RNZI reports.

The defendants, Lagavale Angelina Sasa and Judy Leilua Tautalaga, allegedly stole $US14,000 for their personal use and have each been charged with two counts of embezzlement and two counts of stealing.

The alleged thefts occurred in 2016 and only came to light after a senior official of Western Union Company from New Zealand conducted an assessment audit in Pago Pago following complaints from customers.

One customer’s complaint, states that US$7000 was presented to a local Western Union office to be send to an Asian country and another customer had wanted $US7000 sent over to Asia as well.