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Direct investments in PNG to increase after APEC meeting

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Chris Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer of the APEC PNG Co-ordination Authority believes sceptics about Papua New Guinea’s ability to host APEC will be proven wrong.

The policy areas that will be emphasised are digitisation, improving connectivity, creating sustainable and inclusive growth, and implementing structural reform, Business Advantage PNG reports.

Hawkins told a resources conference in Port Moresby late last year there have been persistent doubts about whether PNG can host events.

‘Every time we have had that scepticism, it has been proven wrong.

‘It raises the profile of the nation and of the country.’

‘Business people who are not aware of PNG before will be more aware.’

Hawkins said foreign direct investment will increase as a result of the APEC meeting. He said governments will bring in K200 million for the meeting.

‘Business people who are not aware of PNG before will be more aware. It is a legacy that lasts well beyond the meeting.’

Hawkins said some of the logistical challenges will be simpler in Port Moresby than they have been in other, larger cities.

‘We are not a big, sprawling metropolis. We don’t have to have a big motorcade to deal with and a large population. It is an uncomplicated road network.’

Hawkins said there will need to be 500-600 hotel rooms and cruise ships will house other delegates. It will also be necessary to upgrade parking spaces at the airport.

We want to have a legacy so that, when APEC is done, a lot of what is left over is functional and useful.’

Hawkins said there will be an effort to have only a minimal impact on business.

‘The sectors that will get particular attention will be: food security, gender sensitivity, forestry and fisheries.’

‘The core meetings will be on the weekend and the security corridor won’t overtake the city.’