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VFF to give each Member Association Vt450,000 for new season

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Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) President, Lambert Maltock has announced VFF will give each of the 8 Member Associations a sum of Vt450,000 for their 2018 program.

“The 8 Member Associations of VFF will receive Vt450,000 each from VFF in 2018 amounting to a total of Vt3600000 in respect of their respective Local Championship Competitions and qualifying stages of National Super League.

“This fund comes directly from VFF Budget of 2018 and as per new financial policy this will be exclusively used for championship and National Super League competitions but not for other purposes. This assistance comes in to support the Local Leagues competitions in the meantime while VFF is negotiating with Telecom Vanuatu Limited to renew their partnership agreement. VFF is trying to provide for rural communities make all efforts to keep football alive in the country,” VFF President Lambert Maltock stated.