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Nadi Airport workers preparing to return to work

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In Fiji the 225 Air Terminal Services workers preparing to return to work in Nadi Airport today.

Many who gathered at a thanksgiving church service at the ATS camp site outside the company headquarters in Nadi said the impasse had tested their faith in God. They also said they learnt a lot about how the company operated, and most importantly, the role that the Federated Airline Staff Association and ATS Employees Trust played in their lives, Fiji Times reports.

Peni Tagiteci, an ATS employee for the past 23 years, was not part of the original group refused entry on Saturday December 16. His wife, Sala, was.

“I work in the Cargo Department and Sala works as a cook,” the 53-year-old explained. “When she joined them after the meeting on December 16, I didn’t say anything because we have six kids and I respected her decision. But when I saw the sheds go up, I knew I had to join them.

“They did not do anything wrong and they should not have been locked out.

“I made a decision and joined them from Wednesday, December 20 and I did not regret it. Before I used to just come to work, get paid and go home. But now I know what ATS as a company really means, I know what my rights are, I know what being a beneficiary means and I know who FASA and ATSET are and what they stand for.”