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Swedish Honorary Consul to Vanuatu replaced

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Swedish Honorary Consul to Vanuatu, Karl Waldebäck, has been replaced.

The replacement of Karl Waldebäck has been in work for several months, Swedish Consulate reports. It is the Swedish Foreign Affairs policy that honorary consuls should not serve after they have reached the milestone of 70-years of age. Swedish Foreign Affairs did not want to replace Karl who have served with distinction since 1988 so he was kept on-and-on. This year Karl Waldebäck will be 75, and it was no longer possible to renew his appointment, the report says.

The new Swedish Honorary Consul appointed to Vanuatu is Marie Eve Chabot, francophone and fluent in English citizen originally from Canada with mid-town consular office at AJC. The appointment has just come into effect and should soon be announced by the Vanuatu Foreign Affair.

Karl Waldebäck, former Swedish Honorary Consul to Vanuatu and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has been recently interviewed by Vila Times.

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