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Freedom in the World 2018 index: Vanuatu scores 81 out of 100

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American research organisation Freedom House released its annual Freedom in the World index, which measures political rights and civil liberties in countries around the world.

According to the Freedom in the World 2018 index, 88 countries in the world are “free,” 58 are “partly free” and 49 are “not free.”

In the Pacific all countries are rated “free” except two – Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Both were rated “partly free” with scores of 59 and 63 out of 100 respectively.

Vanuatu rated “free” with the score of 81 out of 100.

New Zealand has the highest score in the region – 98 out of 100, while among the Pacific island states Tuvalu managed to get the highest score – 94 out of 100.

Australia also has a very high score – 98 out of 100. Indonesia and the Philippines were rated as “partly free” with scores of 64 and 62 out of 100 respectively.

Among the countries in Asia, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea have the highest scores – 96, 93 and 84 respectively.

China rated as “not free” with only 14 out of 100.