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French Polynesia’s ex-president says UAE to invest ‘billions of dollars’ in Tahiti

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Gaston Flosse, French Polynesia’s former president, after arriving in Tahiti from Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, announced he has signed an agreement for a large scale investments in Tahiti with a rich UAE businessman, after three days of talks.

Gaston Flosse made this announcement in the airport soon after landing in Papeete. According to him, Al Manhal, an investment company from Abu Dhabi, is willing to invest “billions of dollars” worth of projects in Tahiti, local media Tahiti News reports.

Earlier Gaston Flosse stated that Al Manhal has contacted French Polynesian government in 2016, offering to provide funds for the multi-billion dollar Mahana Beach project, but the current government ignored this offer. French Polynesian government says they never had any investment talks with parties from United Arab Emirates or other countries in that geographical region.

Flosse said he had a meeting with Suhail Al Dhaheri, Al Manhal CEO, who has signed the agreement about investments in Tahiti. Flosse didn’t show any documents to the public, which made local media to doubt in his statements.