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What is The Rainbow City Project at Narpow Point, Efate?

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The developer of the Narpow Point construction project says it will bring Vanuatu countless economic and social benefits, denies any connections with China’s government, and promises to hire and train more Ni-Vans.


On Friday, January 5, FPF Company Ltd, the developer of the Rainbow City Project at Narpow Point, Efate, has published its first press release with official public information about the project, following the increased public attention to this development in social media.

According to the press release, Rainbow City is an ambitious real estate project, new modern city with all the necessary infrastructure for life and leisure, which after completion will make the most significant positive effect on the economy of Vanuatu by boosting the activity in a number of industries and providing many new jobs and business opportunities for the local market.

The official statement clarifies that “Rainbow City project is not connected with the government of People’s Republic of China in any way” and “doesn’t represent or intents to represent this state’s long-term strategic goals or values.”

The developer says this project will bring Vanuatu “countless economic and social benefits,” and promises to provide more information about that in future press releases.

The official press release below.


Who owns the Rainbow City project?

Rainbow City project is financed by a number of independent business investors of multinational origin.

One of the purposes of this press release is to officially state and clarify that Rainbow City project is not connected with the government of People’s Republic of China or a government of any other state in any possible way, as well as it has no connections with Chinese government-owned or partially government-owned companies or financial institutions, and doesn’t represent or intents to represent this state’s long-term strategic goals or values. Furthermore, we would like to clarify that Rainbow City project is not a development aimed for Chinese nationals exclusively, or specifically any other nation.

Rainbow City project is an international real estate project, under construction in line with rules and regulations of Republic of Vanuatu, aimed for the buyers from Australia and New Zealand as the main markets with largest number of potential investors in Melanesian real estate and business projects, but not limited to these two countries; and intents to develop and promote Vanuatu as an investment, travel and recreation destination for people from all over the world (including China as one of the major global markets).

We would also like to emphasize that all the activities directly or indirectly related to current and future developments of the Rainbow City project, are conducted strictly in line with laws and requirements of the Republic of Vanuatu. Any individuals or companies making baseless accusations related to the Rainbow City project, with direct intention to harm the reputation of this project or any other reasons, will face legal action and will be held responsible for libel.


Who is working on the Rainbow City project?

People engaged in the development of the Rainbow City project include Ni-Vans, Chinese, Filipinos and representatives of other nations. Hiring and providing necessary professional trainings for the local Ni-Vanuatu workforce, engaged in the development, is an important part of FPF Company’s long-term strategy.

Why the Rainbow City project is beneficial for Vanuatu and its future development?

The Rainbow City project brings countless benefits to economy and society of Vanuatu. As one of the biggest developments of this kind in Vanuatu and Melanesia, Rainbow city will be the major factor of the future development and prosperity of the Efate island, Vanuatu as an independent democratic state, and whole geographical region in general. Among the core benefits of the Rainbow City project for Vanuatu and its population: large number of multi profile jobs for locals with training programs; countless opportunities for local and foreign businesses; the most significant effect on the development of the tourism industry; continuous source of funding for the state’s budget; encouragement of the further development of Vanuatu and attraction of further foreign investments.

More information about Rainbow City project and its positive effect on Vanuatu to follow in future press releases.