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PNG government evacuates Kadovar Island residents after volcano awakens

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All residents have been evacuated from a long-dormant volcanic island in Papua New Guinea which burst into activity on Friday.

Kadovar Island, located some 25 kilometres north of PNG’s mainland has sent smoke clouds kilometres high and billowing over East Sepik, RNZI reports.

The volcanic activity has surprised locals after over forty years of inactivity by Kadovar.

After starting mildly around midday Friday, the volcanic activity appeared to be intensifying late Sunday, by which time local authorities had helped move people off the island.

The almost 600 residents of Kadovar have been evacuated by a flotilla of boats to nearby islands, according to the provincial government.

The government also conducted a flyover assessment with the help of Samaritan Aviation.

It describes the volcanic activity at Kadovar as a “critical situation”, while around 50 percent of the small island is reportedly covered by lava.