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Cypriots charged with money laundering in Fiji

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Two Cypriot nationals charged with multiple counts of money laundering in Fiji.

Brothers Loizos Petridis and Kleanthis Petridis, were allegedly involved in multiple suspicious ATM transactions last month and are currently being held in police custody in Fiji, Cyprus Mail reports.

They face a total of 293 counts of money laundering.

The two men were earlier jointly charged with six counts of money laundering involving $3,060, but the money seized from them totalled $150,000.

Filippos Kritiotis, Cyprus’ high commissioner to Australia with parallel accreditation to Fiji, told the state broadcaster that the two Cypriots were placed under arrest on December 19, 2017.

They had arrived in Fiji on December 12 and were planning to depart on December 24.

According to Kritiotis, the foreign ministry learned of their arrest on December 28.

The two brothers have had previous run-ins with the law. Loizos Petridis is wanted by Cypriot authorities. A warrant for his arrest is pending for a case dating back to 2017 and being investigated by Nicosia CID.

His brother, Kleanthis, had previously been triled on charges of importing and possessing illegal drugs.
In November 2004, the health minister at the time, Dina Akkelidou, resigned after being found guilty of seeking to pervert the course of justice by asking a court to go easy on Kleanthis, a reformed drug addict.