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Former Fiji civil servants to take up positions in Vanuatu

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There are plans in the pipeline to recruit former Fiji civil servants to take up positions in other Pacific Island countries, including Vanuatu.

Fiji’s roving ambassador to Pacific Island countries, Litia Mawi, said these plans were in place but there would be agreements on the cost-sharing basis between Fiji and these countries, Fiji Times reports.

Ms Mawi said diplomatic ties and relations with countries such as Vanuatu, Nauru, Marshall Islands and Tuvalu regarding these employment opportunities would increase.

“There definitely is going to be an increase as more demand is able to be met by more supplies,” Ms Mawi said.

“This is the Pacific form for South-South Cooperation towards the building of capacity in these Pacific smaller island states that look to Fiji for leadership and mentoring.

“The teachers have performed excellently and the nurses are being sent out for the first time this year.

“Excellent performance by Fijian teachers is evident by these countries calling for more teachers.”

She said apart from the nursing and teaching sectors, other areas of employment they were looking at included engineering, agriculture and health.

Since 2012, there have been 112 personnel from Fiji employed in various Pacific Island countries under the partnership.