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Vanuatu Government increased minimum wage to 200 vatu per hour

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The Government of Vanuatu has announced an increase in the minimum wage from VT170 per hour to VT200 per hour effective 1 January 2018.

The new Minister for Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat, announced the minimum wage increase on December 28.

“As the Minister responsible for Labour, with the powers that I have in Cap 182, Section 3, it gave me the powers to make a determination after a consultation. And after the consultation with DLAC, they came to say that the proposed Minimum Wage was at VT 185 per hour. As the Minister responsible, I am using the powers that I have in section 3 of Cap 182 to put the minimum wage to VT 200 per hour,” Andrew Napuat has stated.

The change represents a 17.64% wage increase to workers on the minimum wage.