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New Caledonia announces new security measures amid crime spike

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New Caledonia’s president has announced a raft of measures to increase security in view of next year’s independence referendum.

Philippe Germain says reported crime has risen by 30 percent from 2009 to 2016 and notes that most involve the excessive use of alcohol, RNZI reports.

He said a quarter of crimes are committed by people who are underage, and half of them are younger than 15.

In the past year, 19 percent of New Caledonia’s women have been assaulted by their partners which is a figure far higher than in France.

And the road death toll is four times higher than in France.

Mr Germain said New Caledonia is a society drowning in alcohol, and cannabis has become a weapon of mass destruction for its young.

He said to counter this a broad prevention strategy is being rolled out which includes a hike in the tax on alcohol and restrictions on its sale.