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Report: Port Vila authorities sabotaged Christmas shopping

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The last days before Christmas saw the main street of Port Vila closed off for traffic causing all the surrounding streets in the downtown to be hopelessly bumper-to-bumper jammed.

According to Port Vila citizens, passengers in vehicles without air conditioning were sweltering in the enclosed heat while some drivers were pressing the horns in frustration.

“Getting from one end of downtown to the other in the car took more time than walking. At times it took some quarter an hour in a hot car to get through the mess one way, the same back again,” one report says.

“There were no justification to close the main street, blocking traffic from downtown, overloading all other surrounding streets into a nightmare. The impatient stayed at home or work, the wise put off entering the mayhem of blocked traffic. Downtown Christmas shopping suffered, the right presents not bought, Santa was not happy!”