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Northern Marianas to host ‘lean and simple’ Pacific Mini Games in 2021

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The Northern Mariana Islands intends to host a “lean and simple” Pacific Mini Games in four years time, and say they could have everything ready to go on six weeks notice.

Saipan will host the 2021 Mini Games and President of the Northern Marianas Sports Association, Michael White, said all sporting facilities are already in place except for the toilet and shower blocks, which need federal funding, RNZI reports.

He said this month’s Mini Games in Vanuatu set a very high bar and were more upscale than what they have planned.

“We have all of our sporting facilities in place – we’ve organised international competition in virtually every sport that we’re going to offer,” he said.

“Our Games Village at Marianas High School has been used before to house athletes at international sporting events and other than toilet and shower facilities, which we’re required to have, we could host international Games on very short notice.”

Michael White said the 2021 Games will feature 12 sports, including some that will boost the medal prospects of the host.

“We’re the best in the Pacific, we think, at baseball and that’s certainly going to be our featured sport at the Pacific Games, it’s going to be our only large team sport,” he said.