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Ambae farmers encouraged to go for seasonal work in NZ and Australia

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Ambae island farmers who lost their crops during the Manaro volcanic eruption are being encouraged to take up overseas seasonal work.

A team from the International Labour Organisation is visiting the island and its spokesman, Bernard Edward, said they wanted to encourage eligible people from devastated areas to join seasonal work programmes in New Zealand and Australia, RNZI reports.

Meanwhile the acting commissioner of labour in Vanuatu, John Tasso, said there had been a significant increase in the numbers already involved in the overseas schemes.

He said 4,155 ni-Vanuatu had been involved in New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme this year. That was up 13 percent on 2016.

In the Australian Seasonal Workers Program ni-Vanuatu numbers had soared in 2017, nearly doubling to 2,150.

At the same time, earlier today we have reported that Vanuatu government has threatened to pull out of the labour hire scheme in Australia after the deaths of 12 PAcific workers amid claims of exploitation and slavery-like conditions.