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How to ensure your business in Vanuatu is a success?

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If your business in Vanuatu is not going so well, there might be a lot of reasons why. Maybe it’s because of the slow economy. Or because of the Government. Or TC Pam is to blame. Or you are doing something wrong.

Or maybe you just need to advertise your business properly.

Why advertising with Vila Times will be beneficial for your business?


– Vila Times is a unique media in Vanuatu

Vila Times is the only printed weekly newspaper in Vanuatu. It is available in Port Vila, in Luganville on Santo, as well as on a number of other Vanuatu islands.

And it’s not just a printed newspaper. Vila Times is a popular online media and Facebook page with steadily growing readership in Vanuatu and overseas.



– Vila Times has a wide REAL audience (and we can prove it)

Vila Times’s web-site has around 5,000 unique organic (we don’t use any paid online advertisement) visitors per week, and the audience keeps growing naturally 35-40% every month.

Vila Times’s Facebook page has a Post reach of around 17-18k per week, with Post Engagement of 2-3k (without using any paid ads), and these numbers keep growing weekly.


– Vila Times is the only truly independent media in Vanuatu

We are not affiliated in any way with the Government of Vanuatu or the government of any other state with presence in Vanuatu and the Pacific in general. We do not depend financially from the Government, particular local businesses and/or individual entrepreneurs.

By placing your advertisement in Vila Times, the only truly independent media in Vanuatu, you are supporting a freedom of speech, democracy and continued development of Vanuatu as a sovereign state and a part of the modern civilized world. Vila Times – is the future of media in Vanuatu and the Pacific. And we share this image with our partners.


– Vila Times offers affordable rates and adjustable marketing plans

We will make a marketing plan specifically for your business to make sure the ads would be as effective as possible.