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PGC to decide which countries to include in Pacific Games

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A general discussion of Pacific Games Council (PGC) members is planned for this Sunday to see whether other Pacific Island countries apart from Australia and New Zealand can become part of future Pacific Games.

The discussion will be part two of the Pacific Games Council (PGC) Annual General Meeting on Sunday in Port Vila, Vanuatu, PACNews reports.

“President Lakhan (Vidya) would like members to start thinking of membership of the Council, associate membership and for other parts of Oceania and he’s determined that we not talking about Australia and New Zealand but other islands and territories around the Pacific that might wish to be involved in the games,” said PGC Executive Director Andrew Minogue.

“I think a good example if you go to the World Sprints of Va’a, you have teams from Easter Islands, you have teams from Hawaii, so there are some sports that’s contested in our region that have other islands taking part and we want to see what the members think of having an inclusive approach.”

Minogue says the members will also discuss the games bid process following Tonga’s withdrawal from
hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.

“We need to look at our bid structures and we’d also like to hear from Ryan Pini our athletes’ rep about the athletes’ experience of the games.”

There will be presentations from future games hosts – Samoa (2019), Northern Marianas (Mini Games 2021) and Solomon Islands (2023 Pacific Games).