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PandO Pacific Partnership Contributes $50,000 for Ambae response

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P&O Australia announced it has made a $50,000 contribution to Save the Children Australia emergency response to assist in Ambae Island in Vanuatu.

“Those that have returned still feel anxious about the rumbling volcano, the impact of acid rain and ash on their crops and contamination of their water sources,” P&O said, in a prepared statement. “As well as providing child-friendly play spaces in evacuation centres, these funds are providing families with access to clean water and sanitation.”

Earlier it was reported that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided a $200,000 grant to the Government of Vanuatu. The grant, provided by the Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund, will help fund the Vanuatu Manaro Volcano Disaster Response Project.

In November, it was reported that MP Jay Ngwele of Ambae province and Vanuatu’s Special Envoy on Climate Change has resigned in protest of misuse of US$1.85 million of aid money for the residents of Ambae by PM Salwai’s government.

Mr Ngwele said of the $US1.85 million dollars approved by the Council of Ministers to help the Ambae people, about half went on travel costs, accommodation and allowances for politicians, including the prime minister, and government officials to meet with the victims.