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Fiji’s coach disappointed despite 8-0 win against Tuvalu

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Team Fiji men’s football coach Christophe Gamel was disappointed despite their 8-0 thrashing of Tuvalu during their Pacific Mini Games opener at Port Vila Stadium, Fiji Sun reports.

“To be honest it was not enough, we missed a lot of goal scoring opportunities,” Gamel said.

Christopher Wasasala’s scored five goals in the 2nd, 5th, 48th, 65th and 66th minutes respectively.

Gamel said they could not afford to be playing in that manner against teams like Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

He said every point mattered given that each of it could be the determining factor of which team would win the gold medal.

Gamel said they made so many mistakes in defence and this could cost them in future games against tougher teams.

“We made so many mistakes defensively, and I know that if we make the same mistakes against Vanuatu or the Solomon Island teams we will pay for it.”

Fiji’s next game is against Solomon Islands on Wednesday. The Solomon Islands also walloped Tonga 8-0.