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Bauerfield rehabilitation: still no date for the aggregate shipment

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After much consultation with landowners and community groups, necessary preparations for the laydown and offloading sites for Bauerfield rehabilitation is now in good progress with the contractors adamant that actual works on the runway can be expected by early next year, VPMU reports.

The laydown and offloading sites are being prepared near Mele Golf. Once the sites have been completed, the contractors will proceed with the installation of the asphalt plant. Components of the asphalt plant have already arrived but the contractors have yet to complete the mobilization process.

Aside from these essential preparatory works, stockpiling of materials have commenced at the Eastern end of Bauerfield, and at the laydown site since the ground-breaking ceremony earlier this month.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) and Northwest Civil Airports Construction Group JV are also required to get plans for the setting up of barriers around the site at Bauerfield approved. This is important due to the ever-present threats posed by extreme weather conditions at this time of the year.

VAIP Project Manager Harrison Toar Luen confirmed other necessary preparations are in good progress which means the public here and abroad can expect runway rehab works commencing early next year, if this does not happen before the end of the year.

“Such preparatory works are critical to the successful delivery of the project by September 2018,” said Mr. Toar Luen.

Detailed works program are being prepared for submission to the Supervising Engineers for approval.
Additionally ongoing negotiations are continuing with the airlines to work out the best times, or ‘operational windows’ available to carry out the works without disrupting normal airline operations at Bauerfield. Once a full works program has been completed, these could be shared with stakeholders interested in the Vt7 billion-Vanuatu Aviation Investment Project (VAIP).

The contractors have yet to confirm the dates of the first shipment of aggregates for the major runway works. They expect to bring in about 180,000 cubic metres of aggregates from Karreman Quarries in Brisbane, Australia.