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Taiwan supports agriculture in Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Marshall Islands

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Since Taiwan President Tsai Ying-wen’s last visit to the Marshall Islands around a month ago, Taiwan’s strengthened efforts to provide agricultural and livestock assistance there, and to other allied nations in the south Pacific, have so far proved fruitful.

At the end of October through early November, President Tsai Ying-wen visited three south Pacific ally nations: the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, and the Solomon Islands. Tsai was particularly concerned with the state of local agriculture in each country, reports CNA.

Two years ago the Taiwan Technical Mission in each of the three nations, under the umbrella of the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund, carried out plans to revamp local agriculture and livestock. The plans are ongoing.

In the Marshall Islands, the TTM provided every household with a male and female pig as well as a fruit and vegetable seeds aimed at increasing the amount of protein and fiber consumed. According to representatives in the Marshall Islands, 90% of the nation’s food is imported.

Of these three ally nations, the Solomon Islands has the largest population and territory. There are many natural resources as well as an extensive tropical rainforest. Pig farming is one of the Solomon Island’s principal traditional industries. Unfortunately the outlying islands fell behind in technological improvements, unable to match the needs of an increasing population.