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Fish stock in Fiji depleted

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Over the years Fiji’s fish stock has noticeably depleted due to overfishing and marine pollution.

The Ministry of fisheries said about 60 percent of people rely on fish as a source of income or livelihood and most of them live in coastal areas, FBC reports.

Permanent Secretary, Sanaila Naqali said they are now working with these Fijians to ensure they are able to adapt to good fishing techniques.

“We have seen that we put the pressure on our reef fish – so we have started projects that will remove the pressure from the reef. So at the same time the fish stock would have regained and build up again to a sustainable level. So we are assisting them so there are more alternatives than to fishing alone. So if fishing alone is targeted than we will be contributing to the sustainable outcomes.”

Naqali is urging Fijians to stop polluting the ocean as most marine creatures suffocate from rubbish and poisonous chemical spills.

The ministry says the Fishing industry exports up to $400 million (US$200 million) worth of fish products annually and contributes about two-point nine percent to Fiji’s GDP.