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Why Joe Natuman is still the Deputy Prime Minister?

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The Office of the Opposition in its new open statement asks why the Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman is still occupying public office, despite the fact that criminal charge against him has been registered and is continuing to be prolonged.

“The Opposition continues to stress that the law is for everyone and must not be seen to serve the interest of selected few. Any scheduled date must be respected and adhered to. Re-adjourning this case again will only further add fuel to fire. Speculation is rife that an attempt to alter the course of justice by adjourning the case once more be attempted this parliament session,” Opposition says.

The case of Joe Natuman has been prolonged since June 2017 due to the fact that there was a Parliament Session in June, so the case was adjourned till 6 December 2017.

The Opposition Office insists that the criminal case involving Natuman, still scheduled for hearing on the 6 December 2017, must proceed without any further delays.

“The Public Prosecutor should take necessary measures and seek the assistance of Parliament to release the Deputy Prime Minister to attend his trial on the 6th December as advised,” says the statement, adding there is no doubt this issue will be raised by the Opposition during this 2017 second Extra Ordinary Session.