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Vanuatu Cultural Centre develops drone tourism in Vanuatu

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DroneLogbook, provider of commercial drone compliance software from U.S., was chosen by Vanuatu Cultural Centre to provide compliance services for the fast growing drone tourism marketing.

As part of this implementation, DroneLogbook will work with Vanuatu Cultural Centre to customize DroneLogbook’s Enterprise platform to meet the special requirements of tourist based drone compliance.

“DroneLogbook’s platform was exactly what we were looking for to help us provide a solution customized for our needs. Their private label platform allows us to provide our local regulatory authorities with the data they need to ensure safe airspace while providing the tourists with an easy to use application to file flight plans..” said Mark Lowen, Vanuatu Cultural Centre director.

He went on to add “DroneLogbook’s flexibility allows us to provide a solution that meets the needs of our residents, tourists, public safety and regulatory agencies in one application. In addition, their willingness to work with us on custom solutions is of great benefit to our local economy as we continue on our path to becoming a leading drone tourist destination.”