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VFF failed to make player profiles for Vanuatu U20

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Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF), which had to publicly announce they are sending Ronaldo Wilkins for a 2 weeks trial in Brazil, only did so by sending an email to Oceania Football Confederation (OFC).

The Federation itself failed to live up to what they had been saying about building player profiles, especially with the Vanuatu U20 team.

VFF had to rely on OFC to make a player profile for Wilkins, and on top of that Ronaldo’s relative funded the airfare to and from Sao Paolo.

Another Vanuatu U20 player has also come forward with interest from a South East Asian country club, but he lacks a player profile.

VFF has reportedly spend a million vatu to pay an international agency to make profiles for all the U20 players, but to date we are still waiting for that to materialize.

All this shows that VFF does not walk the talk, and needs to pull together prior to Pacific Mini Games, especially since Vanuatu is a host.

By Etienne George