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Kuwait to fund two educational projects in Vanuatu worth US$0.7 mln

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The State of Kuwait and Vanuatu have signed two accords for funding two educational projects.

Ambassador to Australia Najeeb Al-Bader signed the agreements for establishing ‘Kuwait Vocational Training Friendship Centre’ and a project named ‘Kuwait Classrooms’ for primary education, funded by Kuwait at a total cost of about US$700,000, according to a statement issued by the Kuwaiti Embassy in Australia.

After the signing ceremony of the two agreements with the Ambassador of the Republic of Vanuatu to Australia George Kaloris at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Canberra, Al-Bader stated that the funding of the two projects came in line with guidelines by the Kuwaiti Cabinet, in response to a request by the Government of Vanuatu following natural disasters.

Ambassador Al-Bader explained that the two projects emphasize Kuwait’s keenness to provide humanitarian assistance to many countries in various fields, including assistance related to the development of the education.

He added that the projects would be executed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training in the Republic of Vanuatu and Vanuatu High Commission in Canberra, aiming to improve quality of educational environment and motivate students to pursue their studies and academic goals.

Furthermore, Al-Bader explained that support from the State of Kuwait to the Vocational Training Centre at the Hospitality School of the Vanuatu Institute of Technology will be the first of its kind in Port Vila, hoping that these educational development projects will further enhance the friendly bilateral relations between the two countries.

In this regard, the High Commissioner of the Republic of Vanuatu Mr. Kaloris stressed his country’s great appreciation of Kuwait’s generous contribution to development of education in his country, pointing out that the decision of his government to include ‘Kuwait’ in naming the two projects comes as a recognition of its prominent role in funding several development projects in the world and especially in the Pacific region.

Kaloris also emphasized that the State of Kuwait’s funding of the two projects enables his country to face many educational challenges and supports its efforts to bridge the gap in the development of education and provide the classrooms that will assist in meeting growing needs.

He has added that Kuwait is the first country in the Middle East to build educational institutions in his country, and extended his Government’s appreciation for Kuwait’s financial donation in 2015 of USD 300,000 towards Cyclone Pam reconstruction efforts.