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China’s failed training of Vanuatu athletes puts Van2017 results at risk

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After spending 5 months in China, all Vanuatu athletes are now back in the country training hard for the Pacific Mini Games.

Some have made it to the final list, while some have been left out due to lack of discipline and underperforming.

But what the public was not made aware of is that there were a lot of Vanuatu athletes, who saw the 5 month training program with allowances as a holiday scheme.

The Department of Youth and Sports, Sports Federation and the Chinese Government failed to report the misbehaving of Vanuatu athletes. The Vanuatu athletes went out as far as been locked up by the Chinese Police.

One girl was reportedly pregnant in Vanuatu by the time they send her over to China, prompting questions on how in the first place she was selected.

All these reports on misbehaving and underperforming have put into question why these athletes made it into the team, and how they fit the selection criteria, because results of national championships showed that Vanuatu athletes that stayed back in the country to train, gave the China-trained athletes a run for their money.

After all this ill behavior, China had the courtesy of sending 15 coaches in Vanuatu to continue the momentum they had left back in China with the local athletes this month, and these coaches will stay with Team Vanuatu till the end of the Pacific Mini Games.