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NZ’s filmmakers to shoot new travel TV show in Vanuatu

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New Zealand’s documentary film maker Mike Bhana is in Vanuatu this week to pitch a new eco-travel project to tourism ministers attending the South Pacific Tourism Organisation’s annual meeting.

The new show, entitled Journey, will pursue a different approach to more conventional travel programmes, portraying the cultural and geographical differences between the unique island nations of the southern Pacific as a platform for exploring destinations that are unlike anywhere else in the world.

Working with Bhana on the project is presenter Clarke Gayford. The duo have just completed the second series (and are about to start a third) of their award-winning Fish Of The Day programmes for National Geographic that reach 100 million households globally.

Bhana is promising the Pacific island nations even greater potential audiences for Journey with North America distributor Blue Ant already on board and offering Journey to broadcasters (including National Geographic) world-wide.

Of the innovative new series, Bhana observes: “Every episode will be visually stunning and emotive – a visual feast built on the story of my curiosity and journey’s of discovery in the southern Pacific over many years.

“From the vibrant cultural diversity of Vanuatu and the now protected waters of Niue, to the beaming smiles of all Pacific peoples and their legends and mythical stories – we’ll be portraying it all like it has never been done before.
“But, the series will also celebrate the people of the Pacific and the tourism opportunities that are paving the way to a more sustainable future for them and the region.

“I’m excited, can’t wait to get started.”

The project is already winning approval and support for the extensive “filming that will need to be undertaken”, throughout the Pacific islands.