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Ni-Vanuatu students participated in Model United Nations General Assembly in Port Vila

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The AES students from Port Vila have taken part in Model United Nations General Assembly at the AUF Campus earlier in October.

This initiative is a joint project of the Ministry of Education and Training in Vanuatu, the University of Toulouse Capitole in France and United Nations Delegation in Vanuatu.

Students enthusiastically participated in the project, which formed part of their formal language and communication course.

Mr Pierre Metsan, Higher Education Coordinator (MOET) and Mrs Simone Akua (UN Representtive – UNICEF) both said that all the participants displayed excellence and relevance in their speeches.

The UN resolution on the agenda was UN Sustainable Goal Number 13, i.e. Climate Action.

“Prior to the General Assembly, each student had to conduct extensive research to find reliable information and relevant evidence on their country’s position on the issue,” said Mrs Veronique Ruel, AES teacher who implemented the project.

The jury congratulated all the MUN participants and awarded MUN winners with Passes to the Pacific Mini-Games in Port Vila.

First Prize : Mr Xavio Sarsoum
Second Prize : Mr Esron Mark Vano and Mr Kevin Garlopeau
Third Prize: Ms Marie-Laure Nirua