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Erakor GS to play 2018 OFC Champions League pool games in Tahiti

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Erakor Golden Star FC will be heading to Tahiti again for 2018 OFC Champions League.

“EGSFC’s bid for hosting its pool game at home has not been granted. The Golden boys will have to cross the vast blue continent again to Papeete Tahiti – French Polynesia for their pool games,” the club announced.

Erakor’s President, Mr Josiah Russel, stated his disappointment on OFC CL 2018 bids.

“Firstly thank you for confirmation of bids. I must admit EGSFC Executive is not happy with the turnout of the OFC’s ruling as we were adamant for a home Group B,” Josiah Russel said.

“Of all options available in Group B, a second consecutive OFC tournament in Tahiti for EGSFC was the least we were expecting. It has its pros and cons and the challenges must rest between both EGSFC and VFF.”

“Secondly, we are preparing intensively for next year’s OFC Champions League. Next year’s competition for EGSFC will not be a repeat of this year’s touristic pleasures. The team heading into Tahiti is in to compete for Vanuatu, you have my word,” Erakor’s President noted.

“Last but not least, EGSFC being the only Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) team travelling abroad for its Group competition, we are looking forward to VFF’s full technical and financial support and referrals.”