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Solomon Warriors fans praising Vanuatu’s Tangis after his hat-trick

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Flocks of Solomon Warriors fans praising Vanuatu international Kensi Tangis following his hat-trick in the 4-3 win against Marist FC over the weekend.

One Solomon Islands fan said that Vanuatu has Kensi Tangis, Papua New Guinea has Tommy Semmy, and Solomon Islands has yet to find a goal poacher.

The Vanuatu-Solomon Islands football partnership started back in 2009/2010 and 2011/2012 seasons, when Amicale FC took on the services of fellow Solomon Islanders Batram Suri, Nelson Sale, Richard Anisua, Mostyn Sanga, Kidston Billy, Jack Whitney, Moffat Deremoa and Adika Maeta.

Then as the seasons turned out, we saw Alick Maemae, Joses Nawo, Jeffery Bule and Micah Lealafa playing in Vanuatu.

And when Solomon Warriors FC came out as a household name lately in the Solomon Islands football scene, that connection with Vanuatu was already there with Amicale. So when the club was ready to participate in its first ever Oceania Champions League, they called for Amicale players Kensi Tangi and Daniel Natou, and the connection that Amicale made back in 2009 is going strong ever since.

Solomon Warriors have in their services at the moment John Alick, Jason Thomas, Kensi Tangis, adding soon Daniel Natou. And the team reportedly is looking to add another Vanuatu international to its players in near future.