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China’s training of Vanuatu boxers showed disappointing results

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Vanuatu Amateur Boxing Association (VABA) Challenge resulted in mixed feelings with the local boxing community.

All the Vanuatu boxers that had gone in China to spend 5 months there in a training camp failed to deliver a Technical Knockout (TKO) from their bout against those opponents who stayed to train in Vanuatu, mainly due to the lack of available spots for everyone.

All the jury from the fight was made up of locals, despite the boxers were promised judges from neighbouring New Caledonia.

Most of the fights over the past days did not convince the boxing community that Vanuatu boxers will be able to successfully compete for medals this coming December during the Pacific Mini Games.

VABA has now 2 months to prepare and equip these winners before the Games begin.

49 Kg – Namri Berry (win on points)
52 Kg – Jill Kalai (win on no contest)
56 Kg – Boe Lionel Warawara (win on points)
60Kg – Johnny Sailas (win on points)
64Kg – Roy Ser (win on points)
69 Kg – Martin Naiu (win on points)
75 Kg – Sifas Lui (Win on referee Stop Contest)
81 Kg – Waritam Robert Soro (win on points)
91 Kg – Tuk Kamisak (win on points)