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Opposition concerned with high electricity prices in Vanuatu

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The Office of the Opposition in its new press release states its concerns that “despite the reduction in fuel prices around the world, the price of electricity in Port Vila has not enjoyed this benefit.”

“The Office is pleased to note that in its recent Decision, the Utilities Regulatory Authority of Vanuatu (URA) has finally issued a preliminary decision showing a 19% reduction in the tariff base price for commentary until October 14, 2017,” says the statement.

This is a long overdue attainment for the nation and the Office of the Opposition is calling on the Government to support this reduction in electricity price by the URA, the independent regulator of electricity and water services in Vanuatu. The Opposition wishes to press the Government that it is about time prices of electricity is reduced for the people of Vanuatu to enjoy affordable services and business to benefit from low cost of electricity.”