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Natou and Hinge leaving national team for Solomon Islands

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National team’s preparations for the Pacific Mini Games hit a snag this week after alleged reports of Vanuatu Football Federation purposely denying International Transfer Certificates (ITC) for two national players have surfaced.

Vanuatu international, Daniel Natou, is reportedly courted by Solomon Warriors FC, and they have sent over an ITC, while Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) turned a blind eye on the request.

Lucien Hinge is currently courted by Kossa FC, and again VFF is ignoring the ITC request.

Kossa FC, currently on the second spot in Solomon Islands S-League, needs Lucien Hinge to reinforce their backline, as Hinge is one of the best local defenders around.

Many other Vanuatu international players are currently abroad. Brian Kaltack is heading to New Zealand to join up with the Tasman United, Bong Kalo is playing with FC Ascona in Switzerland, Bill Nicholls with AS Magenta in New Caledonia, Jason Thomas, John Alick and Kensi Tangis are with Solomon Warriors.

VFF has to come up with an official agreement to make clubs release players for a national team duty. Right now it seems players are choosing clubs over the national team, because with a club they have some sort of incentives, while national team only offers you to play for pride, and nothing more.

By Etienne George