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Vanuatu wins bronze in OFC Youth Futsal Tournament

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The inaugural OFC Youth Futsal Tournament has concluded on Saturday, October 7, following the three final matches for the men at Bruce Pulman Arena.

In its last match of the tournament Vanuatu had a close battle against New Zealand (2-2), and finished the competition on the third place.

Vanuatu coach Richard Lehi was generally pleased with his team’s results.

“This was a good tournament and we are very glad we took part in it. It has been good for our grassroots, youth and futsal programmes back home because we’ve never had an event to prepare for. Now we have something that we can set goals for in our youth programmes and we are very happy,” he said.

Solomon Islands won the tournament with New Zealand on the second place. Golden Ball and Golden boot were awarded to Solomon Islands’ Raphael Le-ai, and New Zealand’s Patrick Steele claimed the Golden Gloves Award.

After travelling from Zurich to witness Oceania’s talent over the past four days, FIFA Beach Soccer and Futsal Manager Brent Rahim is looking forward to what the future holds for futsal in Oceania.

“It’s been a great tournament. There has been great participation from all the countries. It has provided an opportunity for countries to participate in a tournament that has never existed in the past and it has provided a chance for the young players in this tournament to really test their abilities against other countries,” he said.